Emerging Artists Application 2019

The Emerging Artists Program is open to artists in Minnesota and the five burroughs of New York City who meet the Jerome Foundation criteria for an 'emerging artist'.  Your completed application is due by midnight Eastern Standard Time on November 30, 2018. Please note that past Emerging Artists Program recipients must wait one year before applying again.  Thank you for considering our program!

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TLC strives to provide residencies to artists from a wide range of communities and backgrounds. We appreciate your sharing.
Individual Weeks are for individual artists or teams of 2 working on their own projects. Our Group Week is open to a group of 4-7 collaborators working on one project.
Individual Residency *
Individual Residencies will be awarded for two (2) consecutive weeks of residency for each artist selected. Please check your availability below:
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If you are applying for the Group Residency, please check below.
If applicable, please list the name, role, and email address of each of your collaborators:
Lodging Preference *
Most lodging arrangements are private bedrooms/ loft spaces in a shared cabin; there is limited availability for private cabin space. Please indicate what works for you.
List your primary artistic discipline; and additional disciplines as apply to this application.
Please note, the selection process for these grants is competitive and will be based on the artist’s proposed project, achievability of the goals for the week, quality of work sample and suitability of the project for an artists’ community. Please describe below the project you will work on at TLC (250 words max):
Where are you in the process of working on this project? (250 words max)
What are your goals and desired outcomes of this week-long residency? (250 words max)
Please let us know why you want to do this work in an artists' community. (250 words max)
This is the Jerome Foundation's definition of an Emerging Artist: The Jerome Foundation has adopted new language and guidelines surrounding the definition of an early career/emerging artist. The new emphasis is on funding artists at a relatively early and still formative stage in hopes of providing them “footing” within their respective fields. To this end, the Jerome Foundation does not support artists who already have a fully developed/mature artistic “voice” in any discipline or those who have already been substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large in any discipline, including but not limited to the discipline for which support is requested. The focus is on career achievement and recognition. This program determines emerging status based on the totality of an artistic career, not on the achievement within a single discipline. A well-established composer, for example, who decides to begin creating sculpture, is not considered an early career/emerging artist and therefore is ineligible to apply to Jerome for support in any program; such an artist would not be considered an emerging visual artist for the purposes of Jerome Foundation eligibility. Please share how this relates to where you are in your career. (250 words max)
Please include your resume which includes your address and a resume/s of ALL your collaborators here. NOTE: The Jerome Foundation requires a resume, NOT a bio:
Please provide a work sample or link to your sample here and describe how it relates to your proposed project: (samples should be 10-15 pages, minutes, or number or images)
What are your workspace needs for your project and what equipment do you need that you cannot bring with you?
Thank you for completing your application to Tofte Lake Center's 2019 Emerging Artists Program. Hit the submit button below to complete the process.