Individual Residency Application 2020

Five residency weeks are available for individual artists of all disciplines (literary, performing and visual arts) who want to create work in the natural environment and in community with other artists.

Please complete and submit this application to be considered for a residency.

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TLC strives towards racial equity and inclusion in our programming to provide support for artists and arts organizations from a wide range of communities. Please consider sharing your information.
Please list your artistic discipline(s).
Please summarize the project you plan to work on during your residency.
Collaborators *
Will you be collaborating with other artists during your residency?
Your application will be reviewed only if you include the name, discipline and email address for each collaborator. Please list them below:
Please outline your artistic goals and desired outcomes for this week-long residency.
Please describe why you are choosing a residency at TLC in particular for your project.
Grant Dependency *
Is your residency grant-dependent?
Please provide the grant notification deadline and describe any necessary grant requirements that impact your residency (i.e. community workshop, public performance, artist talk.)
What are your workspace needs for your project and what equipment would you need TLC to provide that you cannot bring with you?
Please include your resume, bio or a narrative of your artistic experience relevant to this residency.
Please provide a work sample or link to your sample here and describe how it relates to your proposed project. (Submit up to: 10-page writing sample, 10 visual images, 10 minutes of music or video)
There are 4 cabins available at TLC each residency week. Please go to our website for specific information List your choice of cabin(s) in order of preference here:
The following weeks are available for Individual Residencies at TLC in 2020: June 15-21, 2020 June 22-28, 2020 June 29-July 5, 2020 August 3-9, 2020 September 21-27, 2020 Please list in order of preference the weeks you are available:
Situated adjacent to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, TLC is in a beautifully remote location 16 miles from town. If you would like to talk with us about any concerns regarding access to or engagement with this experience, please contact us.
Thank you for applying for a 2020 residency at Tofte Lake Center! Please hit 'submit' to complete the process.