2019 Residencies

June 10-16

McKnight Fellows Program Leaders

June 17-23

Pangea world Theater Organizational retreat

June 24-30

April Sellers Dance

July 1-7

NET TLC ensemble exchange Lab

July 8-14

TLC Board Retreat

July 15-28

Emerging Artists individual residencies

July 29-August 4

Mcknight Dancers & Choreographers

August 5-11

deja stowers mcknight residency

August 12-18 Emerging Artists group residency

August 19-25

UTNT (UT new theatre) showcase retreat

August 26-sept 1

pangea world theater and teatro del pueblo collaborative residency week

sept 2-8

playwrights’ center fellows retreat

sept 9-15

individual artists residencies

sept 16-22

shinrin yoku guided workshop* & gaia Fenna Memorial fellowship

sept 23-29

individual artists residencies

*space is still available! Apply now


2019 Public Performances

stay tuned - our 2019 events and performances are still being programmed. we hope to see you there!


2019 Yoga Classes

our yoga classes are offered twice a week during our summer season. please check back in the spring for our 2019 schedule.